Metal braces

The tried-and-true orthodontic method

Metal braces tend to be what most people picture when they think of orthodontic treatment- but the braces of today are smaller, lest bulky and more comfortable than the braces of the past.

What are metal braces?

Metal braces are the original teeth-straightening method, but modern technology has made them more effective than ever. Metal braces use a system of brackets, archwires and elastics to apply gentle pressure to your teeth and guide them into alignment.

The metal brackets are fixed to the front of each tooth and the archwire runs through them. This all is held in place with elastics, which you can personalise in fun colours. You will come in for regular adjustment appointments so Dr Lasni can bend your archwire to guide treatment along.

Metal braces

Are metal braces suitable for me?

Metal braces are an effective treatment for both major and minor orthodontic cases, so chances are they will be an effective option for you! At your initial assessment with us we can talk you through your treatment options to see if metal braces are the best option for you.

Metal braces

Benefits of metal braces

Many of our patients enjoy metal braces because they:

  • Are a long-established and effective orthodontic treatment
  • Have smaller brackets for increased comfort
  • Move your teeth gradually to reduce pain

Metal braces

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Metal braces